Wednesday, December 5, 2007

66 and more!

So I dinged 66 last night, thank you thank you (Imagining applause). I have to say that by far, right now my favorite area to go and level in is Nagrad. There's a pleothra of quests once you reach at least neutral and then after that, man it's easy to get up to friendly and so on. The fact that alot of the quests don't have to be done in two man groups or higher and you just enjoy soaking up all of that XP. I know that the ring of blood quests need a 5 man but even then, that's a small chain that can be cleaned out quickly and still made to feel like fun. I'll probably have 4 bubbles of rested xp when I get home that I can't wait to burn through. Of course Forester, my brother has already hit 68 and will be coasting to 70 this weekend and then gloating about it because, you know he'll have a flying mount. Mumblemumble.

Other news for the day, Trina's significant other, Dissection, has rejoined the ranks of WoW players. He quit a little bit after the expansion but we finally talked him into coming back. He's brought over his 60 hunter from another server and is going to level him to 70. D is a good player, he's got several toons at 60 over int he Horde side and this is his only high level Alliance. It's funny that it's his first toon that he's coming back to but it seems that he's enjoying the life of a hunter at the moment.

Also dealing with guild, Darkzealot, came back last night. I wasn't there for his return, I had to work late HOWEVER, my thoughts of him having left due to the drama that the last group of deserters gave us. He did take it personally and honestly, he has every right to. With everything that's gone on with the game and the friendships that you make, how could you not?

I don't know if I've told you but I've leveled two Shamans and my horde shaman has hit 70, did it a while ago and has purples and a flying mount to prove it. I think it's interesting that before, each person would have his/her own way of 'power-leveling'. For the longest time my brother and i would laugh. I would BURN through 1-40 and then slow down when he would pick up speed and just THROTTLE through the last 20 levels. Now with the new patch, all of the trade secrets of a power leveler are almost wasted. Even with that said, I'll share with you the things that I've done in the past to level faster.

I would post more but it's a busy day at work, yea I know that's just wrong, and I need to finish up my paperwork if I want to manage to leave this place on time.


Stale said...

Gratz on 66...

you have a really nice blog here, I'll keep reading :) bit of bad luck with people leaving tho...

Also linked on my blog:

Stale said...

Sorry bout the double post...

But I see you are enhancement now, what spec are your going to raid with?... I know Enhancement is popular but you are competing with rogues and fury warriors for spots in a raid... IMO go Elemental or Resto if you plan to raid alot as they tend to get spots more often then Enhancement.

Jabari said...

Nice place here - keep blogging. We need more totem-throwers around!

Bummer with the guild drama though - that sucks. Sounds like you'll get through it in the end.


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