Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For the Dame

The Gamedame stopped by and left a note about macros. She also had a request, here it is. I'm going to add the request to a marco that you can use during a fight.

/castsequence reset=5 Lightning Shield, Frost Shock

So this COULD be a second macro. The first you drop your totems with, this one would get you ready for the fight and also slow the opponent down while you melee or wait for the GCD to do some lightning damage.

Hope this is what you were looking for Dame!

Damnit! He's not posting anymore!

It’s a sad day for us all and we should take a moment to reflect. Stale of the Damnit! Ganked Again… blog has informed us today that he’s not going to be posting his exploits anymore. I have enjoyed reading his blog during the time that I found it and told him so. Some other people like BRK have already commented and told him not to give up the fight. If you read this priest’s blog and find it even SLIGHTLY entertaining, you should drop him a line or comment and let him know how much he’d be missed if he hung up his blog keyboard.

Blogging’s not for everyone but it would be a shame to lose his perspective.

Damnit!Ganked again... By request, here's the link to his blog!

Topping the Charts!

Last night I pugged it with an interesting group. Three of the members were of the same guild a shaman, a rogue and a hunter (Sounds like the intro to a bad joke) and the Shaman let me know not far into the run that the other two with him, well this was there first toon for each. They had never been to ZF, which was what we were doing, and needed to get the experience of playing in it and finishing the quests.

Let me say that I was impressed by the Shaman taking these guys under his wing, I even told him so, to which he replied that they were real life friends and he didn’t have much of a choice. (heh.) Still they managed to do a decent job. We only had one group wipe in the entire time. Bosque and the hunter were left up during the event at the steps, we managed to down both the troll boss and Sergeant Bly by ourselves.

Bosque topped the damage meter.

I have to admit that I’m loving being able to nuke the crap out of everything in sight. It’s much different from having to heal or get up close and tank. Standing back, rooting something and just blasting away at it is more fun that I could have realized. While running around in ZF Bosque went ahead and dinged 47. Outlands are closer than ever on my druid.

I haven’t put together that Marco like I threatened but I think, knowing the spells that I use, that it would look something this:

/castsequence reset=5 Entangling Roots, Insect Swarm, Starfire, Moonfire, Wrath

This would be for a solo situation, by the time you hit up Wrath the mob should be close to being dead and the Damage over Time from the other two spells is still taking effect. I use insect swarm because Farie Fire when I solo because I’m not doing melee damage, remember that a Moonkin is a caster form. Now if you were a Kitty this wouldn’t work at all and you’d want to focus on the cat attacks for your Macro. The same rule applies if you’re a big bear.

Other thing that you should always remember, buy your reagents before you go into an instance. I don’t care WHAT you play; buy your reagents because you never know what you might have to do.

On the Divine Forsaken front things are slow. I know they’re planning a raid for tomorrow, Kara of course, and together with our sister guild we should have enough people to get that accomplished. I’ve been focusing on the Druid and a lot of the players that I run with have just switched to playing alts. I think they have the same mindset; we play for fun, not to break our heads against ten man raids. I’ve already experienced it several times and it’s ‘aight’.

How about you guys? You finding yourself reaching for that Purple Pixel disease or are you satisfied with the accomplishment of having hit 70 and then moving on to a low level character that needs your love?

Also, anyone else have a useful macro they want to send over?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Feeds

Searching through my settings I realized that i was one of those "50 - 100" words only people. I hate that.

Full Feed for everyone!

Now, post replies!

What's in a Macro?

I can not say that I’m a macro king. I can’t even say that I’m really GOOD at macros. I can only say that I know how to make one if I give it enough thought. Now I’ve made probably four successful macros in the past and they’ve been either for my Paladins or my Shamans. I’ve never ventured into the realm of macros for a Druid.

At this point my focus has been Bosque as I’m sure you can tell by the quickness in which he’s gaining levels, he’s currently sitting at 46, cusping 47 tonight most likely.

However I find that there are some macros for both my Paladin and my Shaman that have been useful in the past. The thing with a macro is that it’s very situational specific, at least for totems. If you wanted you could easily run around with six macros on your key functions and STILL find yourself in a situation that isn’t covered by those. I can tell you that there are at least two macros you should consider making when running a Paladin or a Shaman. You should have a macro for grinding; it’s a must, as well as a macro for when you are in a group/instance.

You can name your macros anything you want but I always went with something that was simplistic but reminded me which button to push: Solo or Group. You can pick any icon you want to serve for this macro but I’m going to remind you to use an icon that you won’t find on your spell bar regularly. Nothing worse than confusing buttons because they look the same.

So I’m going to assume that you know how to get to the Marco building section of the game. For a Paladin, grinding is almost like washing a set of clothes; wash, rinse, repeat.

/castsequence reset=5

This is the beginning modifier that you will have in just about all of your macros. Cast Sequence tells the server in which order you want your spells to be done. Reset is just what it says. It’s a reset button. Trick of it is the number after it. Reset=5 signifies that after five seconds of non use it begins the set of spells again. So you kill a mob, take some time to get another one, the button will start the spells from the beginning again the next time you use it.

Remember that a macro is really just a ‘lazy’ button or ‘easy’ button, depending on who you ask. It’s not going to play the game for you; it’s only going to help you from having to search your entire spell bar for the specific spells you know you use regularly.

So here’s a simple Paladin Macro for you to try out.

Macro name: Solo
Macro Instructions: /castsequence reset=5 Seal of the Crusader, Judgment, Seal of Righteousness, Consecration

So what I’ve put together is the bread and butter button of any paladin that’s running around grinding. Seal of the Crusader will come on, judgment will cast it on the mob in question, seal of righteousness will give MORE holy damage and then consecration will make the very ground below you holy. So you’re giving holy damage with your melee strikes and just by standing there and making sure that you’re optimizing that with Crusader as it strengthens the holy damage done. After five seconds of fighting, or after you’ve done the entire spell sequence, the set of spells on this macro will be ready to be used again.

Here’s a thing you have to remember about a macro, you’re still dealing with GCD. I put five seconds in because GCD is generally three seconds long. I made sure to stay within spells that all have the same amount of cool down. After sixty you’re going to get some nice spells and even in the Protection tree there’s the Avenger’s Shield that’s very good, thing is that some of those spells are on longer cool down. Avenger’s Shield is a GREAT way to get mobs but it’s on a thirty second cool down. It wouldn’t make sense to have that be your opening spell on this macro because then you’re telling the macro to open with that spell each time, even though it’s on CD for 30 seconds. So you want to try and keep your spells the same.

For Shamans the use of a macro is important because we are so dependent on Totems. Having a macro for totem drops is almost a must. Anyone who doesn’t have an add-on can attest that totems will take up most of your bar space. With a macro it can take some of those totems out of the equation straight away.

Here’s an example:

/castsequence rest=5 Stoneskin Totem, Mana Totem, Magma Totem

This is one that I used a lot when I was a lowbie. It puts out three of your main stay totems without having to search for them on your cast bar. Some of you may notice the lack of Windfury but honestly, I had it on my weapon all the time. This is a case where I had two macros built. One of them was for soloing and one of them for when I was in a group and Windfury was a request all the time. So that one would look like this:

/castsequence reset=5 Stoneskin Totem, Windfury Totem, Mana Totem

I tried not to use fire totems when I was in group. It brought on too much agro overall and would cause a wipe if not watched carefully. This isn’t an exhaustive resource; it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Still, with these starter pieces in your hands, you should have some idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it. I’ll be playing with a Balance Druid Macro soon and I’ll post it for you guys.


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