Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Damnit! He's not posting anymore!

It’s a sad day for us all and we should take a moment to reflect. Stale of the Damnit! Ganked Again… blog has informed us today that he’s not going to be posting his exploits anymore. I have enjoyed reading his blog during the time that I found it and told him so. Some other people like BRK have already commented and told him not to give up the fight. If you read this priest’s blog and find it even SLIGHTLY entertaining, you should drop him a line or comment and let him know how much he’d be missed if he hung up his blog keyboard.

Blogging’s not for everyone but it would be a shame to lose his perspective.

Damnit!Ganked again... By request, here's the link to his blog!


Anonymous said...

Linky, please! I don't read it but band + wagon = me.

Stale said...

Lol thanks Luciel, after many posts telling me that my stuff is worth reading, I will continue to post. Guess it just feels painful when you go to some of the most popular blogs and see 42 replies before you and then come back and see no replies for weeks.

As suggested by Delios, of Laser Chicken - http://laserchicken.blogspot.com/ I have gone out and gotten Google Analytics for my blog. Ill check it out over the next few weeks and try to keep a steady 2-4 posts a week if I can think of things to rant about :)


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