Wednesday, January 30, 2008


One of the few zones that I'm beginning to get a new joy for. When I hit 61 with Bosque I stopped leveling for a couple of hours to get my herbalism up. I was sitting pretty at 277 and after a couple of hours of circling the Blasted Lands I ended up hitting 305, that made just about everything in Hellfire an herbing joy. While that's fun, what's better is begin able to herb those stupid Bug Lords and Giants.

The main reason?

Motes of Life! After completing most of my quests in the Mire Bog, I had 2 Primal Lifes in pocket and on my way to a third! In my server those go for about 8g a piece in AH since all of the Cloth professionals need them for some nice purples later on.

I've been playing the AH a little more with the drops that I get an normally make a good bit of money. Case in point, I bought my Epic mount which ran me about 560. I was down to 40g after that, and I didn't transfer any money from another toon. Just on his drops and the pots he can make I'm close to 300g again. Life, life is good.

Tomorrow I'll pick up the Balance tree for you again.


Pike said...

Ah yes, good ol' Zangarmarsh and those Motes of Life...

Cowcontroll said...

Its a good place leveling and farming herbs, if u did not know u should go over to dead mire, kill the bog lord etc over there, they are herbeable, so they can drop mote of life on loot and if u herb them they drop random herbs/mote of life:-) But u probly know that with your 3 other lvl 70^^,

Stale said...

I needed Sporegear Rep and a Warlock needed Plant Parts...

In short, I now am the proud owner on 17 Primal lifes... and on horde on Jubei'Thos, Primal Lifes are worth approx 17g.

17x17 = almost 300g sitting in the bank :). My next alt to go through is a herbalist and believe me, from 61-64 is just going to be grinding these beauties. :)


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