Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last Night’s Escapades

So there’s a lot of ground that I want to cover but I don’t think I should do it in one post, I don’t want to wear out the eyes of the faithful that come to read what I write…Thank you for that, by the way.

In any event, let me start with the Anti-PUG Project. Some of you probably read the post I made yesterday looking for more Bloggers to join this little adventure. How I stumbled upon this is that I was reading the usual blog roll and noted that the Game Dame was seeking out more Bloggers to join a little group of people that had decided, you know we read each others thoughts why not play together and see what happens. Currently we have 13 players, with more threatening to join us with each passing half hour.

The basis of the project is simple. We all make new toons on a server that we have no affiliation with, so no high levels or buddies hanging around. We create a character within a class that we have no or very little knowledge of and then continue to level the toons together. This means that no one’s getting to 20 while everyone is still at level 13. The purpose is to try and get as much content done together as possible. There is no rush to this, no timeline as to when we’ll think we’ll be done or when we want these toons to get to 70.

Last night was the first meeting of these players on the server; I have to say it was very fun. We are a group of fun loving people and made each other laugh quiet a bit. I rolled a mage, Incendio (Fire, in Spanish), which is not a class that I know well. Yes I have a Moonkin but obviously it’s different since this is a clothie and they rely SOLELY on casting, they can’t just morph to bear if they run into trouble. We’re all within about 3 levels of each other, from 7 to 10 and are supposed to meet up again next Wednesday and work on them some more as well as sign the guild charter.

This has the potential to be an incredible experience if you think about it. A group of people LITERALLY leveling together and going through content together. Imagine if we do reach 70 and get attuned for Kara, we would know our rolls together so well that we could potentially be unstoppable. How many times have you wished that people you play with knew your style? Well, this is the chance to make that happen. I am thoroughly excited for this and I hope that it’s not just a flash in the pan.

We’re trying to figure out a way to continue to keep all our readers informed on our exploits, even might go as far as having a blog we can all share. In any event, if that doesn’t happen I will post on here every Thursday our exploits, the good and the bad so that you can see first hand this communal environment we’re trying to get to flourish.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I love the high level of enthusiasm we all have; it's so refreshing and cool. I'm not sure how much time I'll have tonight but I hope to get a post up on our adventures, too. I have many thoughts, not just on what we actually did but, like you, the vast potential that lies ahead of us.

Dammerung said...


Bruthah said...

This post expresses almost exactly my thoughts and feelings about the project. Very nice!


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