Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Question for you...

All things considered, do you think that a Moonkin Spec is just a fad?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my laser chicken. I can out dps a mage my own level at the moment, I learned this while I was in a PUG through Mana Tombs, much to his despair. I ask the question because I went over to the Elitist Jerks Forum and was looking up more information on Moonkins since I don’t know many people that play one and what I read was a lot of people saying that the Moonkin spec was just a novelty that eventually would go away.

Now I know that it’s not a common spec and honestly it’s the reason that I chose to go that way. Most Druids I know either fall into the Feral or Resto groups. They’re the most commonly used and the ones that are always in a raid because they’re either going to tank or they’re going to heal. I don’t want to do either with this toon. Look at the way that I have my stuff set up and you know and realize that I already have a decent tank and a good healer. I wanted a caster type and honestly, you can’t go wrong with a Moonkin with all the extra armor they have to begin with.

Sometimes I wonder if players just want cookie cutter copies of themselves running around doing the same thing they are doing. I mean seriously, do you want all druids to be either Feral or Resto? Would you want all Paladins to be Prot or Holy? What about priests? Should they all just be Holy as well? The thing about the game is that we’re all going to find different things that excite us about the game and the characters we play. To whit I’ve gone ahead and made two of my 70s into the cookie cutter type of character that is needed and while I love them and hop on to them from time to time, they aren’t the toons that I find myself wanting to play anymore. I want to be able to have FUN!

Bosque has been nothing but fun to me from the onset. Granted that the first thirty levels were like pulling teeth but after that I haven’t looked back nor have I wanted to switch around and respec a thousand times. (From what I hear that might change with 2.4, you’ll no longer have to relearn spells from a specific tree if you respec back and forth.)

I know I’m rambling but it comes to a question. A question to you guys, the readers and I know you’re out there. Why do you play the game? Why do you play your character? Are you doing it to fit into a mold? Playing WoW by itself is fitting into a kind of mold if you think about it, you’re joining the ranks of MILLIONS of other players doing the same thing during the weeknights and weekends.

Why do you play?


Cowcontroll said...

I thought i was gonna be enhancement at lvl 70 when raiding with my shaman, but guild needed healer=i specced resto, but have never regreted it- Really love the survability i have against other players, expept lock's^.^

And my druid was intencional meant to be a moonkin, but we had little tanks, so voila= feral tank specced.

But have never regreted that either, i find it real fun and i can do ok dmg in catform anyways^^,

Anonymous said...

We have two druids in my guild. One is Balance spec, with the Moonkin. I'd be devastated if she ever changed. Talk about a crit machine! And her bees'n'trees...awesome stuff. We have been running together since Level 1: Druid/Hunter, Druid/Rogue, Druid/Priest...and all 3 pairs are very complementary.

Add in a third--Pally, another druid or hunter, fire mage--and the 3 of us can do things that still amaze me.

IMO, there aren't enough laser chickens around!

Ikryeax said...

It's just a case of "I'm better than you and need to control you" syndrome.

Do two things when you play warcraft: Have fun, and play/spec your characters however you want.

If your guild asks you to respec for progression, only do it if you think you can still have fun.

That said, while some specs and race class combos may not be "optimal", I believe blizz makes sure that everyone is as viable as they can be. Recent Ret pally changes are just the latest attempt to help players that choose that class/spec combo to do mor eof what they want (which is damage).

Heck, remember in 1.1-1.4 when warlocks were underpowered? Nobody was crying for their nerf back then.

Anonymous said...

I love my druid... and I love being a laser chicken. Granted I've tried all the specs and love them all, and I switch constantly and drive my guild crazy sometimes... but they actually prefer me as boomkin. I bring out the big damage and I can save some hides while doing it.
Honestly, boomkin ftw, imo.


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