Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have this problem. I’m bored.

More specifically I’m bored at 70. Lu’s been at 70 for almost a month now. I’ve gotten the Epic Flight quest completed. I’ve been in Kara a couple of times, I’ve run several Heroics, and I’ve PVP’d to get my Gladiator staff and tonight I expect to get my Gladiator Shoulders. So the question is…what now? I mean, seriously I’ve done AV SOO many times that I had to get rid of some of the tokens because they wouldn’t stack anymore and I had to go and get some Battleground Mana Pots. You know how sad that is? I went from a PVP n00b to a PVP Player with way too many tokens.

One of the goals that I had contemplated was to get the Justicar Title. In case you don’t know what that is, the Justicar Title is something that is given to an Alliance player that has reached Exhalted with all three of the battleground factions. While it sounded like a lot of fun at first I realized something really fast, Alliance in my battle realm sucks at everything EXCEPT AV….hence the multitude of tokens. I also learned that you get faction rep for WSG with every Flag Capture….sometimes we don’t even capture one.

So that automatically put that out of my idea of what to do now. I play the game for fun and to reach objectives, that would just drive me nuts and I’d never reach what I wanted to. So forget it.

Having Epic Flight Form also destroys the needs for grinding the dailies for two factions with cool mounts because I already have one of the best forms in the game. Not only am I flying around quick as can be but I also get to herb my heart out without having to get OUT of flight form. Truly awesome but again, that makes the mount really unneeded.

Then there’s Kara. Yes I’ve run it a couple of times. I got a nice drop, well an OKAY drop, and I’ve run enough to get badges to just upgrade some gear. I know I won’t be doing anything else for a while until I upgrade the rest of my stuff.

So what now?

My guild has already told me that I have a short attention span and while I’ve proven them wrong by being on Lu for over a month even after hitting 70, I’m running out of things to do. There’s only so many times you can run a Heroic before it seems tedious. While I enjoy doing the Heroic Dailies, even those can be a bore if you’ve done them enough.

I know that I’ve got some readers that have hit 70 several times over as well. What do you do? My guild isn’t RAIDING hardcore, heck we’re lucky to get Kara done. Still, what to do? Lubacca is the one that is best geared out of all of them and the one that I still continue to enjoy day in and day out but other than Heroic Runs and Battlegrounds, I’m at a loss, at least until 2.4 I guess.


I’m putting a call out to the creative people that read my Blog, I need a new logo. I’m keeping the name but I want to change it up to something that better fits my continual changing between Paladin, Shaman and Druid. Any help?

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I suggest you go see Bansidhe. :)


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