Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dailies and the Paladin

I started doing dailies the moment that I went and hit 70. To a lot of us this is nothing new. Obviously the dailies are supposed to keep us entertained until we do some end game runs or get a new expansion.

I went to Skyguard (Man, getting there is a bit of a pain isn’t it?) and started looking through the quartermasters gear and saw the pretty mounts and realized that they were epic mounts. (Not sure why I didn’t even know they were epic.) I had a moment of doubt because honestly, while I think that an epic mount is really sweet and everything, do I really want to spend over 5k just to be able to fly faster? It’s not very contusive when you can spend that money on other things, what those might be however is lost on me.

Then I took a look at the reward that was given at the completion of a daily, 11g 99s. Almost twelve gold to run around killing some eggs. Now I’m not a math wizard but I can tell you that you’re going to be getting A LOT of gold between neutral and exalted just to be doing this quest. I wonder, I wonder if the reason why the grind takes so long is to try and give the player the money that he needs not only for the mount, which is crumbs when compared to the training. Is it plausible that the rep grind is supposed to help pay off the entire purchase of both skill and mount?

It’s possible but I know that the costs of repairs when you hit 70 aren’t a laughing matter either. I’m going to try and save up the money that I get from these daily quests to see if perhaps that will cover the bill. I know that doing the Skyguard quests for a fancy mount are much easier than the Netherwing line. It’s just going to be a matter of wait and see I suppose.

As I told you last time I’m working on leveling McGregor, my Paladin, to make him a tank for my guild. I switched to Prot and I’m still working out the kinks. I noticed right away that fights take A LOT longer than they did when I was in the Retribution tree. I have to work on my mana regen as it seems to suffer the most. But I have been able to take on 2 high level mobs without ever really breaking a sweat. I just miss my totems.

The thing that I did notice that I’m going to enjoy is that I actually remember a lot of the quest lines that can be done between 65 and 70 so hopefully that will cut down on my leveling time.

Anyone that reads this have any advice for a Tankadin please be sure to let me know!

Our Shaman series will continue shortly.


Typhoon Andrew said...

To give you my perspective on the Skettis grind: I started 3 months ago casually doing the quests. I hit Exalted before I had the 5k gold, and sold almost everything I owned in the bank to get to 5k.

The mount is very nice, and moving that much fast is worth the effort.

Jabari said...

Re: Tankadin

If you're killing things one at a time, you're doing it wrong! :)

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