Friday, December 21, 2007

My Favorite high level area.

When I was leveling my first 70 what I heard from everyone that had already hit 70 was “Go to Shadowmoon, go to Shadowmoon.” Of course they meant Shadowmoon Valley, a place where many of us grind our teeth at. However we all grind those teeth for different reasons, for me the reason is that I feel like I got spoiled with the lush scenery of Zangarmarsh, the Forest and Nagrad only for them to pull the run RIGHT from under me and throw me back into a hell looking environment. It’s not one of my favorites, can you tell?

While there are some great quests in SMV, I don’t like the look. In Nagrad, however, I feel completely at home. You know it might be that it’s because Nesingway is out there hunting wabbits…er I mean, hunting wildlife. (Why do we have to do all the dirty work) but I will say that’s the area that most reminds me of Azeroth in the manner that I remember it when I was working my way up to 60 and then 70.

It’s a bunch of kill quests. You have to love quests that you give you experience on top of experience for finishing the quest. (The only thing that was missing was a quest collecting pages) I have found that I love this area the most. Yes grinding can be a pain in the rear BUT think about it. If you’re a leatherworker, this is heaven. All the creatures that you kill either drop Knothide leather or scraps that you can turn into leather, you can get some feathers and other odds and ends that you can sell for a bit of profit (I can turn in 20 feathers for a little over a gold.). Add to that the ogres. Sure they’re ugly and hit hard BUT two things happen. Usually you’ll get a decent amount of silver and netherweave cloth. I have to healing classes and I still use the stuff.

I’ll even give you a little secret most people don’t even consider. If you sell a stack of cloth you’ll get about 2 gold. If you turn the stack into bandages you’ll get 6 gold from the vendors. (So instead of 4 gold for 2 stacks of 20, you get 6 gold for that same 2 stacks turned into bandages. Hey that’s an extra 2 gold!)

The other aspect of this place that I truly enjoy is the rep grind. You have to grind rep to even get all of the other quests available to you. Of course this is made easy with two starter quests that ask for some silly stuff. There are also three different ogre areas where you can kill them all and gain experience, rep, gold and cloth. It’s really the Wal-Mart of WoW.

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