Monday, December 24, 2007

Tanking to 68

McGregor has made it to 68. If you look real close at my last post about him it said that I was just starting work on him in earnest, he was 65 at the time. Now about half a week later, he’s a level 68 and he’s tank several instances in the mean time. If you click on his name you’ll notice that his gear is….alright. He’s over 10k armor and about 9k HP, so he is built to last a long time with elites. He usually runs about three or four mobs at once in an instance and the same out soloing. It’s a BIG difference from watching everyone’s bars to just watching my own. So far I’ve been able to tank: Underbog, Mana Tombs and Crypts. I did Tombs a few times, in hopes of getting that shield to drop from the first boss but to no avail. Rather unfortunate but what are you going to do.

The other endeavor that I tried to take on last night was helping another paladin get their epic mount. Now let me just say that the invite was out of the blue by a player that I’d never met before. I tried to be polite enough to pitch in considering that they were at the end of the chain.

Once we got to Scholo, where they are supposed to summon the horse and we’re supposed to destroy five waves of mobs, then fight a death knight to gain the ability to free the warhorse, it was obvious that this crew had a bit of an issue.

Example: A common term like, “Wait for the pats.” Was completely disregarded and the group went for a standing mob that was then joined by a pat, that was then joined by ANOTHER standing mob. After the fight was over I read, “What do you mean ‘pat’?”

Now take into account that these are not low level characters. The lowest level that was with us was a level 63 Warlock. So we had, 65 and two 68 Paladins, a 66 Hunter and a 63 Warlock. This is a high 50s to level 60 instance. We should have been sweeping the floor with these mobs, I mean SERIOUSLY not having any type of issue at all with this area.

We had one wipe.

Once we reached the basement, which is where the event is supposed to take place, this group was lost on what to do next. They ran around for while, and then decided that they were going to go to a completely different area of Scholo. I was done.

I hate leaving a group; really I do, because I hate leaving people in a situation that they are going to have a hard time taking care of. Still, with this group there were a couple of things that didn’t sit well with me. First off, they knew I was a tank but didn’t want me to tank a tanking role. They wanted me to hang back and let the hunter take agro. Huh? Right. The second thing that didn’t sit right with me was communication, as in, there was none. So they would leave a room and you were just to follow but no explanation was given.

Those, to me, are two factors that must be done well for any instance. I spent an hour with them, they didn’t even know about the event, and once they left the basement and decided to do something else, I bolted.

I pray that won’t come back to bite me on the read but you know what, that’s life.

Today I will put up the Elemental Tree, or at least the first part. So you have that to look forward to.

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Bobby said...

Rofl, we 2-manned the Mount Quest, me a lvl 60 Paladin and a level 70 Druid, I can solo it at 70 now. How can you possible have problems.

And Shamans can keep aggro in instances, so can rogues, mages, warlocks etc.

But keeping aggro doesn't mean you are a tank by any means.

Try a few Elites that hit HARD and you will see what I mean...


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