Friday, December 28, 2007

Introductions and Guild

So if you’re a reader you’ll notice that in my character list there is a new name added. After talking with my guild, we decided it would be a nice idea to go ahead and make a new Horde chapter of our guild in the Nordassil realm, DHF. I went ahead and brought over my 70 Shaman from the depths of hell and made him the guild leader.

If you click on old Gamgam you’ll notice that he’s got pretty decent gear, probably the best geared toon that I have. He’s my first shaman and I love him for it. He’s gotten to see some stuff that none of the others have ever experienced. Still, I’m not bringing him over to do more end game content. I’m bringing him over to help my other guildies who have alts in Horde, level up faster and get the things that THEY need to keep progressing forward.

I’m going to keep him Enhancement since I know that I’ll be running instances for the low levels. It’ll be fun for me to give something back to the community that has shown me a lot of respect in my time with them.

Luciel, however, has been switched over to Restoration. My thinking behind this is as follows. While I highly enjoy the DPS angle of Shamans I know that my guild has other high caliber players that are equal to the task or better. Healers are a different story. Not only are we short on healers, many of our druids being tanks and priests being shadow, but also it takes a special dedication to stand back in a group and just watch health bars and heal on command. Many feel like nothing more than a glorified monkey with one trick to pull off. I’m comfortable healing, heck I was healing on some of the instance runs we did since level 65. It’s easier to just say, “We’ve got a healer” because then everything else just quickly falls into place.

The unfortunate thing is that I have a piecemeal healing set. So I’ve taken things that I know will help my healing stats but aren’t exceptional when it comes to armor. With my healing set on I have about 766 plus healing. A shaman going into Kara trying to heal should have at LEAST 1100 healing. That’s a big chore. So now the question is two fold. First, where do I get gear that is befit for a shaman healer, and not just a cloth wearer and the second is, how do I make sure that the gear that I get for that is going to amount to plus 1100 healing. Yes there are some enchants and of course there’s some drops from bosses as well as some quest rewards that may help along the way but…it’s tough.

While Gam’s got purple pixels, he isn’t geared to do anything but dps, so while having purples in some sense could basically put me in an end game guild, nine times out of ten they want the Shamans to hang back and heal, not something that I’m inclined to do really, at least not with Gam.

This is day three stuck at 69. Part of that is my own fault since I was REALLY excited about getting Gam over and starting up DHF. I spent a lot of time on the WoW website finalizing the transfer and whatnot.

The next post that I’m going to do is going to deal with the Restoration Tree. It’s a pretty clear cut tree that will obviously make you a trained monkey and while we’re not as versatile as a druid healer, we are the next best thing when it comes to group heals and over time heals. You’ll see what I mean.

See you then.

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