Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Blogs

Sigh...I just typed something and it got wiped.


Ardent and Honor's Code are two new blogs that I'm going to link. They deal with the Prot Pally in both factions of the game. I find that both players can shed some nice light on the game, build and overall atmosphere of WoW as we know it.

While this blog is the Hooved Shaman, I am going to start intergrating some Paladin information as well since I am going to be working on my MT Paladin for the near future. I need to get him ready for Guild runs.

If you enjoy this blog, if anyone reads it, then please continue to stop by and check in. These two characters are my mains and I will be jumping topics back and forth depending on my interactions with the game and the people in it.

On a side note: I will also be linking GamGam (Lv 70 Horde Shaman) to my toons shortly as I have decided to start up a Horde guild in Nord. should be up and running in the next few days.

More tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sellia said...

It's gonna be fun since I have both class ... and a few more ! :P


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