Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So readers of the blog will notice that last week was a slim week for me in the way that I usually try to put out something each day or every other day. Unfortunately the Hooved Missus ended up in the hospital for about four days and that made me at home dad, having to call out from work and take care of the kids. I still managed to play some WoW but my head was not into the whole writing thing so I apologize to all of you for that but I hope you understand.

Not sure if you want to know but the missus suffers from Crone’s. This is a highly painful disease of the bowel that can flare up and basically block part of your intestine up. Last week on Monday night we rushed in to the ER with all the symptoms of a flare up. She was so bad when she got to the ER that even though there was a four hour wait to be seen, they rushed her into a room and decided almost immediately to hospitalize her. The good thing is that she was taken excellent care of and I was able to take the time off to take care of the kids at home and go see her when I was relieved of duty by my sister in law or mother in law. She came home Friday night and it gave me a chance to help her get back into the swing of things before I had to get back to work today.

This week I should be back to business as usual.

That being said there are some different things that have gone on that I want to let you in on and either laugh with me or just get straight up confused.

As you know I like to do pugs. Not as much like to as I have no other choice sometimes due to the lack of time, guildies or just straight patience to wait for a group of guildies to be freed up to do anything. Worst part about running anything is the wait that comes between getting a full group together and then getting to the stone, making sure everyone is repaired, with plenty of food and water, ready to be summoned to begin the instance. That happens with guildmates or with puggers. For some reason, I don’t care who you are, what realm you’re in or what faction you play on, it’s one of the banes of the game, waiting for an instance.

This weekend I ended up going on several instance runs. First McGregor was asked to tank for some key frags for Kara. As you all know he’s gotten the three key fragments but needs Old Hill and Black Morass before he can be Kara worthy. (Not to mention getting up his defense rating up to 490, it currently stands at 426) So I stop working on my druid, hope on to McG and help out some people in the sister guild to get their fragments. About ten minutes into SV our healer says he has to go eat dinner. So we’re screwed. Seriously we were screwed when the group was put together. We had three hunters and two paladins. What kind of a set up is that? It could work for SV but for ARC? Or even OH or BM for that matter? Yea no, I don’t see it happening. Turns out the only person that needed those two fragments is the healer that went to dinner. Yea, that teaches me to be nice.

McG did have one other outing during the weekend. One of my guildies was running Ramps and ran into an issue with the last boss, that is, the last boss kept kicking their ass. I ran in with McG and put the smack down on that dragon, didn’t even use my lay on hands or a pot, very sweet.

Luciel is still dormant. Honestly I love him but I’m waiting to see if some kind of fix gets put in for Shamans because I simply refuse to be a healbot all the frickin’ time. I think that healers just have it bad now because anytime something goes wrong with a five man, even if the tank sucks or the dps isn’t that great the finger gets pointed RIGHT at the healer, that’s not something that I want to deal with.

/end rant

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