Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boomkin say what?

As you know I had a hiatus, if you didn’t know it says so on my OTHER post today….scroll down.

During my time at home, with the kids asleep and me already having caught up with my wife, I took the time to kill stuff on my Druid. If you look over you’ll see that I went from forty-six to fifty-six. Yep, you heard right since the last post to last night I leveled 10 times. That just tells me that the fix that Blizz put in with 2.3 actually works and it makes it a lot faster to level. Now the question becomes, how many times are we willing to go through that content for these characters? Personally it’s been a blast with Bosque but that’s because the build is so much fun and because I’m learning a new class. I don’t know that I’d have this much fun with a clothy though I have three in the wings that are looking at me like I’m crazy for not having leveled them sooner but honestly, they don’t hold a huge draw for me.

Bosque has already begun to get critical hits for over 1k in almost every battle. What’s not to love about that? The one complaint that I have is that roots doesn’t work indoors and that sometimes the mobs resist and that drives me nuts. Usually though I can have a mob down even before it reaches me, which is awesome. Being an Alchemist is also good since what it does it allows me to have pots all the time.

I ran him through BRD this weekend and while I didn’t really get any drops for myself, I got some good xp and managed to complete all of the quests down there.

At this rate he should hit seventy in the next few weeks. It’s been slower going with some of the areas because I’m rusty but with Outlands so fresh in my mind I should blow through those with no problem whatsoever.

The other thing that I’ve begun to do is PVP. I’m not one to really PVP. I find that the mechanics are clunky and I don’t want to just build a toon for PVP as I know I won’t spend HOURS in a battleground. However I find myself being much more useful with a Moonkin as I can just go ahead and blast everything around me, or root people to the ground that love to jump around so that they aren’t being smacked around. In the two days that I’ve gone ahead and PVP’d I’ve gotten over 1000 honor points and several marks. My goal is to go ahead and get enough marks to get a pvp mount when I hit 60 or so and then horde the honor points for when I hit 70 and I want to get some nice gear. There’s already a staff that I’ve got my eye on so I know that I can accomplish this.

Any of my fellow druids enjoy the moonkin love or is it just me?

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