Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time…

There was this player, Luciel, and he kept a blog on a pretty consistent basis and then he got sick. He got MRSA (look it up, it’s nasty) and then on TOP of that impetigo, so he was contagious. The doctor’s hospitalized him for his own good, and the world’s at large as well. When enough time passed they let him be part of his community again and now, here I am.

Things that I haven’t commented on because of my illness:

Bosque is now dead, long live Lubacca. This came about because I made a comment on Vent that if I had know my Druid was going to be a Moonkin when I started him I would have named him Chewbacca. This got a lot of laughs from guildies and then one of them said, “Lubacca would be better.” So I pony-ed up the ten dollars for a name change and now I’m Lubacca. I haven’t done a search on Armory but I’m pretty sure there aren’t many of us running around.

Before my exile I was able to get enough honor and tokens together to get my Gladiator’s War Staff and got a nice enchant on it to give me more power. It’s very very cool.

Lubacca entered Karazhan for the first time and got some nice cloth wrists. Obviously he can get better but it’s a nice upgrade.

I put together enough Badges from Heroics to get an idol upgrade that is working like a charm both in pve and pvp.

Lubacca has topped the charts in damage during an Alterac Valley fight, I will post the screen shot later to prove this.

Anti-PUG News

Due to illness I’ve had to bow out a week and that sucked. Today we’re supposed to be on to P A R T Y, however it seems that the group that I was to be a part of, the Black Poxies, has ceased to exist. I’ll find out today where I stand.

Okay, that’s it for an update. Tomorrow I’ll begin to post again in a more sensible fashion and tonight I’ll try to post my AV pics so that you know I can do some damage.

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Dammerung said...

Poxers everywhere suddenly realize someone exists Poxless and start to panic.

A frenzy of emails ensue.


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