Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Confessions of a Guild Lover

I love my guild. I don’t say that sarcastically either. I LOVE my guild. I’ve had several characters over several realms both on the Horde and Alliance sides of the game. I’ve been part of end game guilds and casual adult guilds, kiddie guilds and silly guilds, guilds that friends introduced me to and guilds that I happened upon when I first start in a server but Divine Forsaken I’ve loved since “Hello!” When BC was released my brother and I decided to re-roll characters. At the time I had a 60 Paladin (McGregor, at that time known as Wayne.) and he had a 60 Hunter (Forester, I know real original right?) on a server whose name has completely left me at this late date. We had a couple of guilds we had been a part of there and a handful of friends. We left it all behind, created space-goats (Dreanei) and began anew. I created Luciel and he created….Forester, the priest. Within two hours of being on the server we found Divine Forsaken. A group of Horde players that had also decided to re-roll Alliance to go with the new expansion; of course we were excited, this meant that we were all starting at the same pace.

I took a Sabbatical from guild for a bit and Alliance in general because I didn’t like a lot of the politics that went along with Alliance since it seems that many of the younger players choose to be part of that faction. We went hardcore Horde for several months until Divine Forsaken called us back. They had kept us in their ranks even though they hadn’t seen or heard from us in months.

Since my return to Alliance I’ve leveled 3 more toons to 70. That brings my total to 5 70s.

::Sigh:: I know you’re wondering what the point of this installment is and I’m getting to it. Yesterday I had a brain child. You see, with the exception of Shatterpoint on the Alliance side, NONE of my other 70s is totally keyed for Kara. Luciel just recently got the first Frag, only by accident because they needed a healer for the last bit. McGregor has gotten the three frags but has never been to OH or BM, so it’s not complete. Bosque, well I went out of my way to make sure he got his keys. I mean, I pugged every single fragment because I couldn’t get four people from my guild to have enough desire to make the runs together.

So I had a thought.

My thought was that perhaps we could work on coming together as a guild. Have a guild event day where we did things together. Maybe PVP or Instances, or quests or even just getting together and doing some world PVP. WHATEVER! Just something that would show the people in the guild that there was a united front and that we weren’t shying away from working together. I went to our website and posted, what I felt, to be an intelligent post with this idea in mind and left it up with the hopes that I would get some replies from some like minded people that felt the same and that thought it would be a good idea.

I was wrong.

Instead what I got was three replies from three people of some clout in the guild saying in no uncertain terms that, while they understood the concept of the idea, it wasn’t needed because people should know to ASK for help and that when that happened Help would be given. Another of the posters, who helped put together the alliance of our two guilds, was upset that I was trying to separate the guilds again instead of working together. The last poster talked about how they would rather be pvp-ing that dealing with having to tank for some such instance with his main because tanking was boring.

I got fed up. I’m sorry, I’m tolerant. I like to think that I let lots of stuff roll off my back and that I can take things with a grain of salt. I like to think that at least. Reading these three entries though really felt more like a ‘Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about!’ and I let loose. I didn’t do it in a gentlemanly way or in a conservative way but in a finger pointing, I’m telling mom you took the last cookie and didn’t share, sitting in the living room while your roommate is watching a romantic movie with his girl and you want to prove a point that no woman should stand between your friendship way. I was livid and seeing red in a way that I hadn’t seen it in a long way. In case you were wondering, I had taken my meds that morning thank you very much and this wasn’t a bipolar moment.

I sat and wrote a long reply on how all I saw was three people that were basically saying, your paradigm does not interweave with my own and I want you to replace it with something that I’m more comfortable with doing. That in all the time that I had been part of the guild this was the time when it was at its lowest and it felt like no one gave a rat’s ass about how things went from now on. I wrote on how several guild members came to me and griped about how long it was taking them to get things done because no one was willing to help them. About how I went ahead and pugged through all three instances to get my key fragments because no one seemed to have the time, interest or desire to help.

I felt righteous, angry and defensive and I went for the jugular.

I’m sure today I screwed up. My veil of anger skewed my vision in what I was trying to get across and instead I came off looking as a self interested party that was upset because I wasn’t given the time of day when my own desires weren’t met in a timely fashion.

Do I have to tell you that it sucks to be wrong? Of course I don’t. Every person is wrong at least once in their lives. What I got back was a land blasting on how what I was doing was really just sitting there and creating waves that didn’t need to be there in the first place and just needed to stop trying to create guild drama.

Humble pie doesn’t taste good. While my intentions were great, my follow through sucked major monkey balls and I ended up paying for it in a huge manner by apologizing to the guild in both the forums and in guild chat while on the game.

I know that some of you are going to reply, I usually get at least one reply with something like this and it will boil down to me moving to a different guild. While I would normally take that under advisement and begin to hunt around for something that I thought was more appropriate for me, it’s not like that with DF. Yes they are stubborn, as am I. We don’t always see eye to eye but they are family. You don’t quit family. I know many of the players by a first name basis and not by character names and I would be remiss to lose them because of one argument. Fact is that I see it from their point of view as well; I’ve got how many 70s. There’s always something that I want to run with them (At least until Bosque). A little bit of an identity crisis character wise don’t you think?

Guild drama over.

Think I’ll stick to PVP for a bit.

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