Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bosque reaches Maturity!

Yes I know I’m bombarding you with posts today but this is what happens when a creative person gets sick, you end up having this HUGE release that never seems to stop and the people around you either love you for it or end up wanting to strangle you. The difference for you guys is you can just click out of my topics and move on to something else; think about the people around me!!!!

So as you all know my latest toon has been Bosque. A Druid that had been asleep in the Emerald Dream for close to a year before I came back over to him and gave him the breath of life again. Having decided to make him a Moonkin I traveled through Azeroth and later the Outlands with him, trying to figure out just how long it would take me to get him to where I wanted to be. On Saturday night, as I lay awake with a dull throb coming from my upper back, Bosque hit 70. He completed part of Cipher of Damnation and then went around and killed Ogres to try and get more rep with the Nagrad faction for his mount. He hit 70 in the middle of being swarmed by three Ogres.

I have decided that as much as I love McGregor and Luciel, Bosque will be the one that sees more end game content with me for the foreseeable future. The reasoning is quiet simple, I haven’t stopped having fun with him. Nor do I see myself not having fun with him in the near future.

So welcome Bosque to the crowd of 70, though there seem to be a plethora of us around as not as exclusive as it once was.

The only toon that will see anything remotely close to leveling is part of the Anti-Pug and ours is not a race but a leisurely stroll together through this content.

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Cowcontroll said...

Grats hitting 70!

And dont feel sorry for posting unregulary ore something like that.

just hope u get well soon!

Take care:-)


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