Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Learning your Roots: The Feral Tree Part 2

Okay, some of the cobwebs have been knocked loose and I’ve managed to post some smart and interesting things, however we need to get back to business don’t we? So, here’s the second part of the Feral Tree. Remember that this is the spec that most Druids swear by to level their toon; I myself was a Feral until 40 and then my Moonkin adventures.

Shredding Attacks is a two point talent that reduces the energy spent for Shred and rage spent for lacerate. These are two of your main attacks as a kitty and bear respectively. Taking down the cost of those two so that you can toss out other attacks as well isn’t a bad thing. It’s probably the best thing that you can do for yourself; especially low level like you would be (Level 28 or so). It’ll help make sure that the battles you find yourself in will continue to be short and concise.

Predatory Strikes is 3 points but something that’s wanted for two reasons. First, it bleeds into another talent later on and I don’t have to tell you that it’ll be something you want. The second is that it increases your attack power in all of your shifted forms with the exception of travel, flight, aquatic and caster. If you put three points in it you go from normal attack power to 150% higher attack power. Who doesn’t want more attack power?

If you paid into Sharpened Claws you can get Primal Fury, a sweet little talent that will only cost 2 points to max out. It’s a critical strike bonus talent, you get crit you either get more rage or the possibility of an extra attack point when you’re a kitty. Imagine the amount of HURT you can put into someone with this one maxed out. That’s why a lot of druids that stay feral use kitty for fighting, you’re going to be flying through your rage and getting some hits that will pay out for you in the long run.

Savage Fury is a kitty talent for 2 points. With it you would get increase damage by 20% on your Claw, Rake, and Mangle. Again these are three key strikes that you will depend on regularly when you’re in cat form. It’s the best way to get that opponent on his knees.

I will let you know that I tried to work on this for four hours and the interruptions were just too great. I’ll try to pick this up again tomorrow.

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