Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life Post 2.4

2.4 has not been good to me. Not in the sense that it’s not fun because it is, but because honestly I don’t have the time to grind dailies. Well not exactly true, I don’t find dailies FUN. Add to that the fact that it’s a little island that all 70s that are sick of the other content are there and the fun kind of seeps away in seconds. I’ve done the bombing quest a couple of times but the rest of the dailies? They don’t spawn fast enough to really make it worth my while to sit around and wait. Someone made note that if you did all the dailies, including the ones originally gives at the onset of BC you could make roughly 300g a day.

That’s an impressive number but you have to the desire to do them regularly. I don’t.

So instead I went and did a couple of other things.

First let me say this to all Alliance players that were gripping about AV before the patch hit, you shouldn’t have said anything. Since 2.4 I have not won ONE contest in AV, which is shocking to me since I got my entire honor that way for the pvp gear that Lubacca is currently wearing. The reason I know this is because I decided to respec Luciel back to enhancement and I thought, I’ll grind some honor, get some tokens and get him some decent gear….well that’s going to be made probably twice as hard now due to the fact that the honor and badges will take longer to get. Sure you get more honor from kills now but if you lose AV you get nil, which still means minimal return.

My days look like this now:

Log in #1: Lubacca
I log into Lubacca for several reasons. First, he’s my main and if someone wants to get a MrT run going, that’s who I’m going to use. Secondly, he’s got all my money and is my cash cow with Alchemy. At some point I’ll get the reagents for the alchemy stone, as well as the rep eventually, I’m not worried about it. I go out and do some herb gathering (that whole, Fel Blossom will drop more stuff? Yea, that’s not true.) make some pots, put them on AH and log out.

Log in #2: Luciel
Now that he’s Enhancement again I find it fun. I’m not nearly as much of a DPS guy with Luciel for some reason, I don’t think I have enough spell hit or something but I still have fun in the BGs. I run about four a day, enough for about 1k honor and some badges. Not much else with this one really. If someone is running a regular instance…which is rare, I might jump in with Luciel and hope for some nice loot.

Log in #3: Lubrona
Currently sitting at level 31, this is where I start to feel the drag of a toon until about 40. It’s the hardest time for me and I don’t know why. I’ll try to bash out as many quests as I can but honestly, I am currently finding it exhausting to deal with this one. Once I get the mount that will get better, plus I’ll start hitting some areas that I actually enjoy, like Tanaris. I’ve started to use the Drain Tank Method and it works, I just end up not having enough space for the stupid stones from draining….if I don’t use Draining Life. Suggestions?

Log in #4: McGregor
Strictly to just sit around and grind some leather in hopes of getting enough to maybe make some Drums of War for Luciel or just to put up on AH. This one has really just been mistreated.

Note: I’ve spent roughly 7k gold on getting flight for my characters.

For the Enhancement Shamans out there that enjoy PVP, what do you find will help you most with getting out the most damage against your opponents?

Honestly I knew this was going to happen, it’s the lull before the next big thing. I know that WotLK is coming around the corner, but between now and then, what? I don’t want to switch guilds but I just might with one of my toons long enough to see something fun.

How about you guys? What are you up to now that 2.4 has dropped?

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Exanimo said...

Best stats for an Enhancement shaman: Strength, Attackpower, Crit, hit (not spellhit)... agility is an option aswell for the crit but it won't give you any attackpower. Some intellect might help but i don't pay attention to it, whatever i get by chance is enough.

Then use two slow weapons (few nice ones to be earned with pvp) and use WF on both.
Best spellrotation is Flameshock, Earthshock, repeat.

At least.. thats how i play my alt. :)


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