Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The lag in game right now is palpable. Many of the people that I see on a regular basis in game have switched from playing their mains all the time to goofing off with alts, twinks and random acts of silliness as they kill time for the expansion to come out (My guess is going to be in Christmas). I believe the affliction is called ‘alt-itis’ to an extent but it’s more than that. It’s fear of terminal boredom.

Fear that you’re going to get bored with one of the games you have a huge affinity with. This has been the only MMORPG that I’ve ever played. Sure there’s been the lure of other shiny games out there but this is the one that I could relate to. I think mainly it was because it was set in a fantasy world that took much of its history from days of yore. I’ve always been a sucker for knights, dragons and wizards. I also know myself, I wouldn’t be able to split time between games fairly well and I’m not inclined to spend thirty bucks a month on games that I don’t play regularly.

So instead I’ve gone ahead and built another alt. While Lubrona has successfully hit 42, he’s going to sit there a while. Yes I mean to level him but the way things are going it appears that I’m going to have much time to get him to seventy and the leveling has increased exponentially. If you remember when I started Lubrona I told you that the two classes that I loathe the most in PVP are Warlock and Rogues.

Meet Lusneak (Yes, original I know.) Female Night Elf Rogue. Level 17 currently and running between Darkshore and Westfall. I know some players that love their rogues and I can say that when I’m only level 17 and get 150 point crits, I think the toon is OP.. of course this was before I was told that their damage output was decreased recently. Well if that’s the case I think I’ve picked the wrong classes to play.

Lubacca and Luciel

I’m still with Divine Forsaken; we’re running Kara, though due to my schedule on Tuesday I don’t usually run with them. I did run it this last week on Lubacca and my T4 gloves dropped, my first non ‘welfare’ epic. I still need to get a Meta gem for my helm but it’s on the back burner as I’m not playing him as often currently.

I think I told you that Luciel, my shaman, finally has two epics of his own. I went ahead and got him the Gladiator maces from PVP. So he’s doing some decent damage and now I just need to upgrade his armor. One of my guildies officially called me a PVP whore the other day because it seems that it’s where I spend most of my time when I’m on my 70s. Trust me it’s not from desire. I only hit AV. While I would love the Challenger name sake I know that it’s easier said that done.

The Isle hasn’t really called my attention since it was released but it seems that the honor grind there is exceptionally fast and I might have to break down and work on that with Lubacca. I want the Alchemist recipe so my time might be broken between Lusneak and Lubacca for a while. It helps that plenty of guildies have been using Herb Gatherer, now I know where most of the good stuff is.


The downfall of a lag period, at least to me, is that there’s more asshats that seem to come out of the woodwork. There’s a couple on my realm that I wish I could banish to an asshat server never to be seen or heard from again. They bring up utterly retarded things in Trade and manage to pick a fight with any living person around simply because they want to.

One of the asshats that always seems to be on, night or day, is a mage that goes by the name Happypants (I shit you not.) This guys is the self proclaimed best mage on our server. His attitude is juvenile to say the least and his arrogance knows no bounds. He’s been kicked from several guilds and finally made his own, Minions of Happypants. Yes I’m serious.

I had the misfortune of running some EotS games with him during the EotS weekend and he proclaimed that the only reason why we were winning was due to his expertise. Even went as far as saying that I was the worst Shaman in our server. The guy just has a ego that won’t quit. I wish guys like this and the lackeys that they somehow acquire would just go and find a hole to live in.

What about you guys? The lag has to be hitting you to, what are you doing about it in game?

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BearKat, Kil'Jaeden said...

Me, I'm leveling my druid, grinding gold for that 100% mount (only 100 gold to go!) and stacking honor in PvP for a couple of pieces. Since I ground out the levels to 60 as fast as I could, I have done zero PvP on this toon before yesterday, so it is a learning curve. However, Mangle FTW!


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