Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hitting 64

So yesterday I made my first post and my Alliance Shaman hit 64. Let me tell you that 64 was a well earned level. Out of all of the content that's in Outlands I found that getting from 63 to 64 was the equivalent of getting from 60 to 61. Not only was it difficult but it was long. Take also into account that this is the first level that I've done since hitting sixty without going out and doing some kind of instance.

The road before me looks to be a bit dicer as the days go on. I've moved my hunter over to the same server and I know have the ability to go to Kara with my guild but then that also means sacrificing good time leveling Luciel. Plus trying to juggle home life as well, the wife wants some time with me and I can't have wife aggro.

The other thing that I noticed is that I had gone ahead and banked some high level stuff for when I hit 64 but it no where near improved my stats to a better quality than what I currently have. It's a fine line between having some nice blues and better greens. I'm still carrying around the 2h Mace from level 61 because it's incredibly useful and nothing better has dropped yet. Waiting on my Oathkeeper.

What do you guys find is better in terms of loot? Would you rather have the sight of blues in your equipped table or feel better with greens that service your needs?

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