Friday, November 30, 2007

Kara is a lofty goal...

Having a 70 available for me to play is almost a joke. Don't get me wrong I love the fact that I have him but because of my work schedule I get home at about six p.m. That means that Kara runs have already been going on for an hour. The possibility of me being able to attend a run is almost non-existent. I know this today.

Yesterday, yesterday it felt like the whole cosmos was against me in the pursuit to make it home for my guild's Kara run. From my office closing a few minutes late, to traffic, to having to stop and get dinner on the way home. It felt like anything that could make me late, did. By the time I got home there were already two teams in Kara, happily slaughtering their way to the Maiden.

So alas I didn't get to venture into the depths of Kara I began to wonder something, has Kara ruined the game? Sure some could argue that we already had ten mans available to us before this expansion and that end game content was nothing new but THINK about it. How many of us have 70s? How many of us are running around showing off our purty purple pixels? My hunter has a couple and my Shaman had one (Axe of the Deep Woods) before heading into Outland but it hasn't been my DRIVING need to play, it's been the fun of grouping with my friends. Now looking at Kara and at the prospect of being stuck there for several weeks or months, depending on how long we want to 'farm' it, WoW is beginning to look like a chore. If that's the feeling that I'm getting now, why would I want to keep playing?

Case in point one of my close friends, Trina. She's been in the same guild that I have for a long time, longer than me since she's been playing with them in other MMOs before WoW was in existence. Her warlock hit 70 about 2 weeks ago. She's not Kara keyed. Moreover, she's not even looking to get Kara keyed, at least not yet. She's waiting for some of the people that she's used to playing with to catch up with her so they can go in together. She's not the norm anymore. She, to many, is an oddity for not having RUN out and gotten keyed that same night.

I don't know, it'll sound silly writing it out for everyone to read but I really feel like the innocent feeling that was in WoW once has gone and will never come back. My deep thought of the week...

This weekend is payday weekend so I will make my customary jaunt to the comic book store and pick up the comics that I have waiting for me, including the ones that I need to review (I'm still debating on whether or not to add this to my own blog). World of Warcraft will be in my box, I wonder if it'll be any good.

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Ryan Boussard! A fellow comic book lover that was nice enough to play with the pixels that gave me a banner, thanks man!

That's it for now...

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Anonymous said...

they may wait for you to get home, but you will need to have atleast entry level gear and have a proper raid spec for an enhancment shaman.


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