Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In the Beginning...

So as you can see, if you've stumbled onto this blog, this is a work in progress. Don't judge it too harshly as I'm trying to get looking somewhat spiffy. (Who uses that work anymore beside me?)

My guild is and they've been playing MMOs together for longer, it feels, than I've been alive. It's more than a guild, it's a community and I'll tell you what, we have some silly stuff happen to us all the time. You'll get to hear about that.

You'll get to hear, hopefully, about the ups and downs of working Kara with my second 70 Shaman, my first has gone to Kara multiple times but not with this guild.

It should be interesting. Of course what's going to be more interesting to me is whether or not I am going to continue to have the desire to blog. Only time will tell.

Welcome to my life, as it were.

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