Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Building a Better Shaman: Corrections

I want to thank the people that have stopped by and made a couple of comments.

Urthona of Cenarion Circle was nice enough to point out that there is indeed a Shaman trainer in Ironforge. Seems that the trainer is on the opposite side of the gryphons inside a house. So you actually have to look for him, just go in and out of the houses until you find him.

Girl meets WoW stopped by for a second, even in her sick condition (thank you!) and reminded me that the totems go up to level thirty. So for you that are reading this, here is a list of the totems you’re going to receive and the level in which you get them:
Earth Totem – Level 4
Fire Totem – Level 10
Water Totem – Level 20
Air Totem – Level 30

The last two totems are very good for when you’re grouping, the first two are INCREDIBLE for when you’re mostly working solo up until 20. Sorry for the gaffs. But I like to correct my mistakes. Hopefully my next entry will be up to par. Thanks again!

1 comment:

Girl Meets WoW said...

Aw, if I hadn't just recently done the quest (and it's a cool quest, too!) I might've forgotten just as easily as you did. Thanks for the well-wishes, Luciel.


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