Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deconstructing the Guild

You’ve all heard about my guild issues in the recent past. How we’ve had some people leave and had to kick some people out. The departure of one of our main guild officers and his return; it’s really been an interesting couple of months for Divine Forsaken. While I continue to reach 70 (Ding’d 68 last night) and my brother has already hit 70, the structure around us continues to change.

The group that left us a couple of weeks for an end game guild seemed to run into a snag. From what I understand they did indeed join a raid guild…for about three days. After which, it seems, both sides came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the best fit for either of them. So those that left made a new guild. Good for them actually, I was impressed that they would rather work on their own than have to work under the auspice of another group they don’t entirely agree with.

At the same time DF came to its own conclusion, we’re just going to relax. Literally we’re not going to worry about end game content at this time and just have fun with the game again. Enjoy playing with our friends and remember what it is we play WOW for, to have fun! Understandably some people get wrapped up into Epic gear and making their toon the best that it can be but honestly, it’s just a game. For me the thrill has always been reaching the pinnacle in levels. That’s why I have as many alts as I do, because for me it’s about getting to 70. Once I’m there, meh. I enjoy being a high level and farming gold and such but that’s all that toon is now, a farmer. He’ll be farming supplies, gold and various other things for my low level toon.

So in an officer meeting this week, Monday to be exact, the ground work was set for us to just enjoy ourselves for a while. Give Kara a break and remember what makes us, us.

Unfortunately this happened at the same time that the raiders who left our guild started to recruit from our guild. The two things met in the middle and we’ve lost a few other members of the guild to this new raiding team. My question is, if they liked playing with the guildies so much, why didn’t they just stay? They could have easily led a Gruul’s Lair group from our banner. There were enough 70s to do that with. Why leave? That’s a question that I don’t know that I’ll ever get an answer to really. No one’s going to sit and tell me, “well the thing of it is…”

I’m okay with that.

There was one person that left that I’m shocked to see leave and still unwilling to believe it to be true. Darkzealot came back into DF with much fanfare. When the guild decided that it was time to put end game content on the backburner….he left and joined the new raiding guild. The same people that he condemned for leaving, the same people that made him want to quit WoW are now his guild mates. I don’t understand that one. How can you go from condemning someone to joining their ranks in the passing of a week?

I know that I’ve told you that DF is my guild and I think I explained to you that it’s a gaming Community. So he’s still part of the community, he plays other games with us and still works with us but not in WoW. So it’s not really a betrayal. He’s not leaving us completely but he’s desperate to see end game content as much as the other guys in that guild are.

I don’t see the dram, but that’s just me.

In any event, our guild is still big. We might not have as many 70s as we did at the beginning of the month but we’ve got some good players working their way up to that apex and when they reach it, DF will raid again. We’ll be more prepared for what lays ahead.

For now, Luciel is 2 levels away from 70, McGregor is at 64 and I’ve got several alts that are calling my name to have fun with them. Life, life couldn’t be better.

The guild will flourish again, it's all about the fun guys, it's all about the fun.

Thank you for reading, the Enhancement spec articles will continue shortly.

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