Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Building a better Shaman: Enhancement Spec (1 of ?)

Each class has a particular build that they feel is better suited for leveling up. A build that they think is better suited for the grind of getting from 10 to 70. For most players that play a Shaman, Enhancement is that spec. It has been for as long as I’ve been playing WoW and it doesn’t seem to want to change anytime soon.

One of the main reasons that players choose Enhancement for so long is because if a player wanted to use a two handed mace or axe, pre 2.3, they had to put points into that tree until they reached that talent, then they had to train up that skill to the point where it was viable for the player to use in combat. Not the most fun thing in the world but since we know that a two handed weapon can deal out more damage than a one hand and a shield, well then that works.

Right before the release of the Burning Crusade, Blizzard tossed Shamans another bone. They allowed us the ability to dual weld. This, of course, was a great idea but you couldn’t learn that ability until level 40, no matter how you placed your points on your talent tree. The dual weld aspect of this tree is still there but the two hand specialization is no longer a problem. Since 2.3 we Shaman have had the ability to train in two handed weapons at a weapons trainer (Yay!).

What I’m going to do is talk about where those points that you’re dying to spend would be best suited to help you gain the levels that you desire and also make you more of a melee machine than you already are or are trying to be. (My thought process with the help of a couple of other Shaman. This in no way means that the way I’m showing is the ONLY way or the BEST way out there, just the way that I feel is best for me.)

The first choice is always the hardest and let me say that I’ve put points in both in the past. The choices that you get are Ancestral Knowledge and Shield Specialization. If you think about it both of these choices are very good.

Shield Specialization is great for a low level that’s going to rely on that extra armor on them because it boosts the blocks that you’re going to have with your shield. So, yes it will draw out the fight but honestly, in the long run it’ll save your hide more than you know.

Ancestral Knowledge, for when you’re higher level and are relying more on your long range spells is awesome. It boosts you overall mana. By the time you’re done putting five points in, you’ve increased your mana pool by five percent. I know it sounds like small potatoes but trust, that five percent goes a long way.

At the moment I’m down for five with Ancestral Knowledge.

The second set of choices is a little trickier. It’s almost as if they built trees to be redone after hitting level forty.

Guardian Totems is good for a low level. It gives you the added buffer against attacks coming to you. It gives you a ten percent reduction of damage. Put that with Shield Specialization and you’ll be taking on same and higher level mobs with more ease than some other classes at your same level. Add to that the fact that it also decreased the time you have to wait to use grounding and it’s a joy because it helps with running mobs. So it’s giving you two advantages.

Thundering Strikes is good for those who like to melee up close and personal, like me. Each point that you put into this talent gives you another percent at a critical strike. I know that sounds like no big whoop but trust me; it’s a nice boost to a stat that you don’t really get to work on until later on in the game plus it’ll help with one of the talents that you can pick up further down the tree.

Improved Ghost Wolf, I consider this a MUST for any low level Shaman players. Why? Simple, unlike Druids who have some limitations on when they can use travel form, Ghost Wolf does not. You get into a pinch that you don’t think you can survive? Use Ghost Wolf and RUN. Of course you don’t get that until level 20 but still, IGH brings down the cast time pretty good and allows for you to have a little more health when running away. I don’t have it now, epic mount and all, but I used this up until level fifty or so, I thought it was THAT vital.

Improved Lightning Shield. I’m using this at the moment. You put three points in and you get an additional fifteen percent damage done to a mob. For, what is basically, a defensive ability, this is HUGE! Think about it. Lightning Shield and you’ve got Windfury prots on your weapon. Suddenly that full health mob is down to half, with just one swing. It’s truly an amazing thing to see and it’s a lot of fun to see that happen. Trust me, you’ll love this at a higher level.

It occurs to me as I write this, I’m begin REALLY retentive on how I do this so this is going to be a multi part series. This concludes the first part of the tree for now. Tomorrow I’ll try to finish out the rest if I can.



Harlequinn said...

In your guardian totems section you reference Grounding totem as helping with runners. I believe you meant Earthbind totem. Other than that, good right up!

- Harlequinn

Sellia said...

Nice post ! It will help me with my baby shaman. =)

renegadeofunk said...

If you're going to blog, make it more than the obvious.


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