Friday, January 11, 2008


So I promised earlier this week that I would start something new for the readers. I read Big Bear Butt Blogger everyday. I love his stuff and my heart goes out to him right now with the passing of his family pet. He does something called the Raid Song of the Week, where he introduces the readers to a song that he feels gets him going when he’s raiding. I loved the idea but wanted some thing with a spin all my own to put up.

I’m not raiding much at this time, as you all know. However I do play for hours on end after the Hooved Missus goes to bed. I love music but really, I want something MORE when I’m playing so I usually play with a movie in the background. This rule does change sometimes and I’ll tell you when…eventually. For now I want to introduce you all to the Movie of the Week (Copyright infringement)!

Each week I’ll post one movie that I like to have playing in the background while hammering away at some toon of mine. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, it’s just what I feel is fun.

With that in mind I’m going way back into the eighties for one of the best B Movies made of all time, Big Trouble in Little China!

Wal-Mart has them for five bucks if you want to go out and buy one or you can go to the rental store and spend four dollars on one.

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Anonymous said... that movie! It's dumb, it's fun, it's...weird? Nah...just fun, in a dumb way. (Or dumb in a fun way.) Well worth the $5!


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