Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Frustration at 70

Yes I keep putting off the Restoration Tree but there’s a reason for it this time. I’m actually quite pissed at being 70. Since I started this blog I’ve gotten two characters to hit 70, Luciel, my Shaman, and McGregor, my Paladin. I went ahead and specced them completely different to be able to help out the guild and to be able to have either a healer or a tank when needed.

Last week, while training at work, I would go home and work on McGregor. My think was as follows: everyone is always looking for a tank. The important part of having a 5 man run is having a tank to distract the mobs while DPS just runs around and kills everything in sight. So I went out and plunked some serious gold into some nice gear, I went ahead and enchanted some other gear that I already had on and brought my defense up to about 426. Desired defense number to run Kara is 499 so I felt that I had a pretty decent defense up. I have a good mace and shield to smack and whack things with and I have the mechanics of being a Tankadin down.

Then there was Shadow Labs. My goal for the week had been to try and get my three key fragments. After that try to do Old Hills and be prepared for when BM would be run by some unfortunate fools with me. I figured a couple of things would happen. I would get some nice drops that would help me down the line to get up to 499. I would get to tank these instances and learn the things that I needed to be able to be useful to other guildies when the time came.

None of that happened.

Divine Forsaken is in a lull at this moment. Because people already know there is an expansion planned for this year (Honestly who DOESN’T know that there’s an expansion coming out?) so guess what just about everyone has done? Yup, re-rolls. I can’t say that I blame them. The ones that have been seventy for a while have accomplished the things that they set out to do already. They have their epic flying mounts. They have their Talbuk mounts, Kara keyed and have mostly purples. So they resort to other things namely Re-rolls or the ever painful PvP.

When saying some thing like, “Hey I need Slabs for Frag, any volunteers?” I feel like Elmer Fudd when he talks to Bugs Bunny, ain’t no one listening to a word I’m saying. O end up having to resort to pug groups. Do you know how many pugs I completed last week?


Out of those twelve do you know how many Kara Attunement Fragments I got out of those?


You read that right, Z E R O. I got a whooping Bumpkiss for all my time in Slabs. Cause that’s all I could run you see. Shadow Labs has become the enemy in a way that I can’t even begin to describe to you. I tanked all twelve times. We got to the third boss 11 out of 12 times. Once we only got to Mister “Time for Fun!” and had to call it.

I spent 100g in just repairs.

By Saturday I had had it. I was done with 70s for a while and I still feel that way. I really just have stopped giving a shit about Kara and that whole mess. The more I talk about it with some of my running buddies the more we agree. Why bother breaking our heads open with purple pixels if by level 71 the greens that we get from Northrend is going to be much better than the end game stuff. So why break out heads open? Seriously.

So I’m taking a break from my 2 70 characters. I feel like I’ve hit a wall that I can’t climb and frankly I play the game for fun. We all should. I kept getting people asking me, “Is this for Heroic?” I would say no and they would pass. I can understand that because you want to get further into the content but seriously? You’re going to turn your nose up cause it’s not heroic? Oh Noes! Come on!

So instead I’m turning my attention to Bosque. He’s my low level druid and he’s now sitting comfortably at 41. He’s gone Boomkin and I’m enjoying the mechanics. Nothing much will change with the blog. I’m just frustrated with the elitist mentality that a lot of 70s have and it’s not about fun as much up there. If anything else it’s about heartache. And I HATE heartache.

Guess this means that Luciel and McGregor may never see the inside of Kara, or if they do it’ll be when Kara can be taken out by a five man time of 80s.

You guys ever hit your heads against the wall and just wanna say screw it and move on? Cause this week certainly did that to me.


Stale said...

Tanking defence requirement is 490 not 499.

Also pugs are crap yes but if you havent seen the inside of kara, you still have a long way to go until northrend which wont be until at least christmas, and more likely next year.

I reckon deal with the pugs, you will get a good one soon. :) Or seriously join a guild who cares... In my guild we have at least 6-10 people willing to help newbs through with their key frags.

Normal instances are fun cause we have tanked em with 2 rogues :)

Cowcontroll said...

MY guild is a friends friends guild, we help each other out with Quest & instances.

Since many have alts in the guild the more you help others the more help you get.
And if people need help with getting attuned we will have people ready. And doing 12 pugs without getting anything out of it!:o and not getting you kara attunment, we dont raid much, kara once in a while when ppl can and that ok with me even though i want to see more end game.

But i rather have fun playing the game than leaving another guild for pure raiding, get yourself a friendly relaxed guild who is helpfull and sooths your playstyle.


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