Friday, January 11, 2008

What Lays ahead?

So this weekend I have a couple of things that I want to get done; both on my toon and in real life.

Real Life: I need to help the Hooved Missus clean our room and tidy up the house. What y’all don’t know is that we do foster care for drug affected infants. Right now we’ve got a 6 month old that we’re fostering, a 3 year old that we’re trying to adopt AND we’re helping raise her 14 year old sister who’s adopted, bi-polar, schizophrenic. So we have a full house all the time. Usually because of my work schedule I get to head home and basically just veg because she feels bad for me. She’s the at home parent. With the type of thing we’re doing in our life you can’t NOT have an at home parent. So since we’ve been married I’ve been the bread winner and she’s been the parent. Now, don’t think that means we have a rich lifestyle because we definitely do NOT. We live just about paycheck to paycheck but we’re incredibly happy with our lives and that’s what’s most important to both of us.

Today is payday so I have to go out and get some supplies for the house (Read:Food) and of course diapers and formula. I might spend a little money on myself. Perhaps go pick up my comics and/or buy a book from Borders.

WoW: Well this is going to be a mixed bag. I need to get Old Hills done so I can do BM, it’s a MUST basically. McGregor is going to have to take his lumps in Old Hills to really be of any use in BM and in Kara. I have to admit that while I’ve enjoyed the venture to 70, being there and getting keyed and running 10 mans, really doesn’t get my motor going. I’m not sure why this is though. I think maybe I’ve put too much pressure on myself to make sure that things get done right with the characters. When I was doing the key fragment runs the other day one of the players from Celestial Storm basically invited me to his guild but the thing of it is, I love my guild.

Divine Forsaken is a home to me. In May of last year I left the Nordassil realm because I had had it with Alliance and the drama that just seems to come from being in a guild. I had a falling out with one of the other officers and I just didn’t want to deal with bullshit anymore. Forester, my brother, would check his accounts and they would ALWAYS ask when we were coming back. I know that some of you know that most guilds, when you’re inactive for a certain period of time, they just go ahead and boot you, Divine Forsaken never did. They kept us on the roster and they still remembered us. So we came back. I’m comfortable in my guild. I don’t much care for end game progression really. Purple or blue, armor is only as important as how much fun you have playing the character.

I find myself with several 70s (4) which all have flying mounts.

I’ve got a mid 40s Druid whom I will be getting a mount for soon and 2 incredibly low level clothies that I intend to level at some point in the future. (If I can get away from the love that I feel for my Druid).
These days when I log in all I want to play is my druid honestly. I know I have some high levels that I can instance with but I love playing my Druid. Is it because I get the gratification of leveling the character up? Is it that I like knowing that my feats are accomplishing something other than gaining more gold? Yea I know that it sounds like I don’t like money when I do but the question is, what is appealing more to me?

If you think back to when I started this blog I was leveling Luciel to be a good healer for the guild. (Since I respecced it seems like I’m needed less for healing and will be switching BACK to Enhancement the next time I feel the need to play him.) Once I achieve the level that I wanted with Luciel I moved onto McGregor to make him a viable tank. Once I upgraded his gears and got stumped on Shadow Labs I moved onto my Druid.

So is it the satisfaction of knowing that I have a level to attain that makes the game more interesting for me? I think it might be. While this makes me sound like a bed hopper I swear that I’m not.

I know that there are things that I need to learn as a Shaman. I know that there are things to learn as a Tankadin. The question is, do I care?

I don’t know. I love all the classes and I think that they’re all fun. Face melting with a shadow priest was incredibly fun for the short time that I did it while baby sitting a friend’s character. Having a well equipped Warlock is awesome as I have a 41 Horde Warlock that was lucky enough to get the Staff of Jordan to drop for him while he was in STV. My time with a mage has been fun, albeit I don’t know the mechanics as well as I would like and end up being Mob bait eventually, the dynamic of making my own food was lovely. Each class brings something to the table that, to me, makes it over all unique and fun to play.

Am I rambling? Sure. Still, I’m sure that there are a lot of you out there that are smiling and nodding your heads at the things that I’ve pointed out because you find yourself with alt-itis for the very same reason.

If you want to enjoy the game, try the rest of the flavors before you decide on one I guess is what I’m trying to say. I’m learning that I have at least 3 flavors that I enjoy immensely. (For those of you keeping track I have a 70 hunter but I think that we can all mostly agree that unless you LOVE the class, it’s the easy button of WoW.) Do not let your WoW days be filled with one flavor if you have yet to try the rest, you’ll regret it later or worse, you’ll never know the true love you might find in another character.

/end tangent.

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