Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Goings on

So I’m on Bosque last night grinding away the last of my STV quests, getting good XP and learning the mechanics of an excellent caster character when I get a whisper from a bud, Nineheals, who tells me We’re clearing Slabs right now, get on your tank and wait outside. I don’t have to tell you that I parked my feathered ass and switched over. Nine is a paladin like McGregor but he’s my healing counterpart and he’s been further along the end game tree than I have on Alliance. So I take his advice and his assistance with open arms.

Divine Forsaken has a sister guild now, Celestial Storm, and some of their players were getting keyed with me as well. So we’re all standing around Slabs and waiting to be invited into group to get our keys. We get the invite and run into the instance, they do before I do and I ended up getting attacked by a respawn. I run out to lose agro and then run back in. Nine is waiting for me by the steps leading to the second door and we start jogging further in, Wait until we’re there to open anything. Nine Says.


One of the CS guys opened the key box before I was in the area. So we tell them don’t kill it, we get there, kill it and what do you know…NO FRAG!

I can’t even begin to tell you how pissed and frustrated I was with the whole blooding thing. I was ready to just chunk my laptop into my television screen and never play again. I know that this sounds A) Childish and B) Retarded but honestly, I’ve been trying to get both of these characters keyed for a few weeks and to never get one fragment? I’m sorry that’s screwed.

So I just said, forget it and switched over to Bosque. Nine whispered me again and said he was getting together an uber group to clear Slabs AGAIN so I could get my fragment.

It took them about an hour and a half.

McGregor got his first fragment. I went and picked up the next quest and figured, I’ll get to them this weekend. Nope. I was told to get back on my Tank and wait for the next TWO fragments that they were going to get to NOW.

So within two hours, I had all three fragments. Now I’m supposed to go ahead and do Black Morass but unfortunately I still haven’t done Old Hills yet on McGregor and as you know, it’s about progression. You have to do the Old Hills to get a crack at BM to get keyed.

That’s what appears to be my merit for the day, getting that done. Should be interesting if nothing else.

Bosque is on the CUSP of 43 (Like 2 bubbles) and I’m going to try and hit that today. My guild has already talked about a ridiculous run of ZF, me and three 70s. Good way to get all the PHAT loot from the bosses. I already have the kilt and helm from ZF (A run done a couple of levels ago). I’m enjoying the dynamic of a Moonkin and don’t see myself going back. I’ve found a couple of online resources that have been useful in helping me understand a little more about it.

I’m going to try and get some screen shots of my characters for all to see and tomorrow I will do my first MotW! (If you’re a reader, you’ll understand the acronym)

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