Monday, March 17, 2008

It's AV weekend!

I love AV weekend. It’s the best time for PVP honestly. It’s a time for you to grind out ridiculous amounts of honor in a short amount of time and get gratification for it.

This weekend has been AV weekend and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Although I will point out for the Alliance players that it seems that Sundays is the day that casual Horde players come out in force and you’re going to be harder pressed to win one of those matches, otherwise it’s like a duck shot. You just sit around and wait for the honor to come in.

Between Friday and Saturday I was able to grind 15k honor, enough to get my Gladiator Pants and spent a little gold to get an additional 20 stamina put onto them. My resiliency jumped up to about 131. While many say that this mechanic has destroyed the way that the game is played, I’ve enjoyed the benefit as it seems that it’s taking a little bit longer for the opposing players to bring me down to my knees. Looking at the stats for most of my fights, I was only killed about one or two times per battle as opposed to the seven or eight times I would bite the dust when I first started doing PVP hardcore.

This morning when I logged on to check where I stood, I had about 7k honor sitting around, I have tonight left to try and earn the other 7k I need in order to get my helm. That would bring the resiliency some more and I have two jewel slots that I can put some more stats into.

While its pvp gear, I still find that it’s useful when it comes to doing some raids.

How about it guys, how have you fared with the PVP this weekend? Do you also take this time to try and grind as much as possible to try and get some nice upgrades?

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