Friday, March 21, 2008

What's in a name?

So I love my character names.

I’ve already given the reasons for two of my 70s but I’ll give them again for the sake of the post….

Luciel – This was my second ‘serious’ character. When the Burning Crusade launched my brother, Forester, and I decided we wanted to reroll. He had a hunter at 60 and was sick of easy mode (His name was Forester), so he went the OTHER extreme and level a Priest…he named him Forester. (Very Original, I know very original.)

My Paladin’s original name was Wayne. Why Wayne? Cause Bruce was taken and I couldn’t see myself naming a character Batman and being taken seriously…so I got stuck with Wayne. (He would get renamed twice, when he was moved to Zangermarsh he went under Odd and then when he landed on Nordrassil he was redubbed McGregor.)

Luciel was my attempt at something a little off kilter. I’ve already told you I’m a man of faith. Some people believe that before Lucifer (the devil) was cast down from Heaven for his revolt against God, his name was the Morning Star, Luciel (Loo SI EL). I saw, and still see, a Shaman as a healer. I figured it was a nice way to say that I would be a force for good the way that some were before the fall. I didn’t realize that many would see it as the female version of the name….Luciel Ball….go figure.

Lubacca originally started as Bosque. It was a play for my brother since he was Forester I named my Druid, Bosque, which means Woods in Spanish. I recently told you that he was rechristened after a chat on TS with my guild where I made the snide comment that if I had known I was going to be a Moonkin I would have named myself Chewbacca instead. Because everyone in guild calls me Lu, they altered it to Lubacca. I was honored, flattered and tickled by the name so I made it official.

Dotinursix…what a name huh? Yea…I know I was high. Sorry. My bad.

Dotting your six is supposed to be a play on military terminology. (Watch your six! “Watch your ass!”) I thought I was being clever. Unfortunately there is another player, Py, who is an old timer and also has a Warlock, level 70 and he named him Dotyaup. This tends to cause some confusion when I’m on my alt.

So I did some research and changed the named of my character today to Lubrona. Having Lu in the name is almost mandatory now with my friends since even if I’m playing Eriq, my priest or Dotinursix, they still call me Lu. Brona, was a choice. Reading up on different Warlocks this name really stuck with me.

Terry Brooks has done a series of books, The Sword of Shannara series, one of the characters is named Brona. His backstory (which I feel fits perfectly for me) is that he was a Druid who began to delve into the dark magic. They eventually consume him and he ends up becoming a Warlock. Pretty clever eh?

In any event Lubrona has been born and I’ve already committed time, money, resources and talents into him. He’s not going anywhere. Welcome him to the fold.

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