Monday, March 17, 2008


N00B Priest

I broke down and did it. I couldn’t help myself I swear. You see I can only do SO much PVP daily before my brain shuts down and I refuse to do anymore. I have grinded 21k honor this weekend. Think about how many AVs that was. Think about how many times I had to run that map….::Shudder::

So I went ahead and decided that one of my little lowbies would get some love. My 10 slots on Nordrassil are completely used up so I don’t have the luxury of making a new one, I just pick up one that I might have started before. This time it fell to Eriq to help me out.

Eriq is my lowbie priest, he is currently sitting at level 18. From what I understand the priestly fun doesn’t begin until level 20. It’s been interesting playing a cloth only character since I know that it’s more difficult and you really have to know your mechanics well in order to survive. I’ve been impressed with the fact that I can take on 2 mobs at once and not die. My only hope is that it gets better with time. Of course if you read anything, every player will tell you that the best type of clothie to have it in fact a Warlock.

Warlocks are supposed to be the destroyers of hopes of all other PVP players.

Still I’ve never been one to go with the flow and wanted to try something a bit different.


I have a PhD in Spiritual Studies. Many people don’t know that. I make it a thing not to tell people that. I don’t want to shut doors because when people hear anything ‘Spiritual’ they think you’re some kind of Bible thumper that’s going to come to their house and tell them how to live. I’m not one of those.

I’m a booster. (Points if you catch the reference.)

Seriously I did it because I’m a believer. Please don’t take that and run with it, it is what it is, I believe that there is Someone bigger than me out there in the big blue that looks down and helps me along the way. That doesn’t mean that I expect you to feel the same. I like to be there in case people have questions that they need answered but don’t want to go to someone of ‘authority’ and instead want to talk to the guy next door. That’s me.

That being said I have this itch. I need to continue to learn. I don’t know how to NOT learn. I think it’s why I read so much.

One of the schools that I went to years ago sent me an open invitation to come back. Now personally I love to learn but I also have this –pull- to go back and finish up some stuff that I have put off for a long time. If I went back it would be for another diploma.

Course there is a part of me that knows that if I do go back into school this will kill some of my play time. This may not be a bad thing. I have some short sighted goals that I’m completing in game at this time. I know that 2.4 is going to be dumped on us soon and I’m waiting for it but after that, what? WotLK is going to get dropped at some point but it’s highly doubtful it’ll be before the winter season.

So this puts me at a bit of a crossroads. One of the classes that I’m considering taking, The Gospel of John, is going to be taking place on Wednesday. This would be directly after work, effectively destroying my work with the POX crew for the time being.

I have a meeting tomorrow in the morning to talk with admissions a little more, see if perhaps this will or won’t work out for me. In either way I’ll keep you posted.


So I have been talking for a bit about getting a new banner, something that reflects all the aspects of WOW that I am currently playing. My good friend Ryan has agreed to mess with his time and effort and put one out for me. It should be coming shortly and when it’s ready I’ll swap it out. So be on the look out for it soon!

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