Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Warlock, BGs and Classes I can Beat

Why are the Clothies so much fun?

So in my last post I told you that I started a little priest. My alt-itis is getting worse as I’ve decided to go ahead and make another one. This time it’s a lock. See, while I love Eriq because he’s unique, the viability of Shadow Priests in PVP has become smaller and smaller.

I’ve spent some time on the war fields with Lubacca and I can honestly say there are two classes that I find myself smacking myself against the head with, Shadow Priests and Warlocks. Those DoTs, the Fear, the pets, the mana suckage and the life drain…there’s nothing I can really do that’s going to counter it and while I have a moderate amount of resiliency I find myself getting hammered by them.

When the enemy has your number, figure out what they’re doing and try to crack it.

I have a Paladin. While I must admit that Horde Paladins for some reason strike FEAR into me, I know how to handle them. With 2.4 I’ll know how to handle them even better since the Seal of Blood is migrating over to Alliance. I know that Consecrate is a little obnoxious spell that is basically a DoT if you stand there like a noob and take it. I know that they have two spells that can mess you up and ‘sap’ you, but they cool down time is enough to let me know that it’s twice and then I’m clear to mess them up if I’m still standing.

Warriors are pure melee. Yes they can throw, shot me or arrow me to death but it’s not like a hunter. Root them, Treant them and then just straight blast them.

Hunters…these can be tricky. As a Moonkin, what I do is Cyclone the hunter, sleep the pet, root the hunter, blast, blast, blast. I have a buddy, Grimlok, who’s an incredible hunter. He does awesome and has much better gear than me. He recently got the Bow drop from Prince in Kara. We’re standing outside of Kara and he drops the duel flag on me. I smoked him. The reason is that when is comes to dps, I can out gun just about anyone! However when they come up close and melee me I’m at a loss.

Which is why I hate ROGUES! These troublesome little bastards can just destroy me. The come up behind me, kidney shot and then the rest is history and because they can keep up the kidney shot I never get my feet under me again. (I need to get one of those damn trinkets). If I can see them coming, I can root and then just blast them from here until next week, spit on their bodies and laugh on my way to the next flag.

Against Druids, well it’s not a stalemate, I’m equipped to be a caster, I can turn kitty or bear just fine but it’s NOT going to be the same thing. I can hold my own but in the end, if it’s a bear or kitty druid, I’m down. If it’s a Moonkin I can hold my own and usually end up winning! (This is mostly due to the generous healers that see me fighting a good fight and feel within their hearts to heal me – To them I say thank ya.)

/Ramble Off

Back to the Warlock

So I had an itch last night and I wanted to play a warlock for a little bit, born was Dotinursix (Dotting your Six, Six meaning the term that most military heads say instead of ass…so like Watch your Six, watch your ass….I’ve over explained it.)

In any event, I’ve got several guildies who have high level Warlocks and this is the conversation that went on:

“What type of build should I use?” Me

“I used Demonology but it really depends on what you want to do.” Aliester

“I used Affliction, it’s great.” Thog

“I’m a Moonkin and the only thing that I HATE is Locks in PVP.” Me

“Why?” Al

“Because the fight usually goes like this: Dot, Dot, Pet, Fear, Dot, Dot, Life Drain, Me dead.”

About three minutes of straight LOL, ROFL, ROFLMAO, ROFLMFAO, OMG, Tee hee, Titter…

“That’s Affliction. You can Drain Tank with that build.” Thog

“What?” Me

“What they do to you in BGs is called Drain Tank. If you have a healer with you, you can spam Seed of Destruction all you want and cause serious damage.” Al

The rest of it was basically laughter at the thought of my feathered ass running around like a chicken with my head cut off to just end up dying somewhere with a lock standing over me, spitting in my eye and laughing on his way to someone else.

So, I will be trying the Warlock class for a bit. The way my playtime is breaking down recently is I either run a Heroic or a Battleground with Lu and then switch over to a lowbie for about an hour or so and then call it a night. So…there you go. I will be talking to you about tales from the lock pretty soon. I do want to say though that I think it’s SICK how I can already take on things 3 and 4 levels above me with relative ease…I’m only level 10.

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Horns said...

I can't believe you have problems vs. melee as a moonkin; they barely touch me when I respec, which is often lately.

You'll have a lot more trouble vs. rogues on your warlock, trust me.

Oh and, it's Seed of Corruption, not Destruction ;)


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